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Reasons to invest in Kawęczyn


Wielkopolska and the Kawęczyn Commune - is one of the most attractive investment regions of the country. Due to the creation of conditions conducive to the development of business, it is often chosen as the place of investment location by entrepreneurs from around the world - both those with a global range of activity, as well as those who start their own business, looking for a suitable place to locate their funds. The main advantages of the region are:


  • location in the center of Europe near the border with the Federal Republic of Germany and the Czech Republic
  • excellent access, including to Berlin (385 km) and Warsaw (240 km)
  • extensive network of road connections.
  • modern airports in Łódz and Poznan

Why Poland?

Poland is a perfect place for foreign companies to invest. As one of a few European countries Poland has resisted the recent economic crisis.

Due to that, Poland maintains its reputation for unprecedented economic stability in the area and very good conditions to start and run business activities and continues attracting foreign investors – also within the framework of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). 

A wide range of assistance is offered by the authorities to foreign investors, including the possibility to conduct business activity in special economic zones (SEZ) and within the framework of investment subsidies granted by the Polish Government.

More and more investors decide to invest their financial recourses in Poland as they find here trustworthy partners and favorable business climate 

Strategic location and communication

Poland is a country in Central Europe, bordered by Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Russia and the Baltic Sea to the North.

Poland has a number of international airports (Warsaw, Wroclaw, Poznan, Krakow and Katowice) which ensure sustainable transport with both Eastern and Western Europe and other global locations such as Dubai, New York and Singapore.

As a consequence, Poland is a perfect place for  investors looking for business – friendly place offering possibility of rapid movement from one place to another depending on business needs and clients’ location. 

Human capital

The Strength of Poland are Polish people. Poland has at the moment 38,500,000 inhabitants. Approx. 50% of them are young people, below 35 years of age. Investors can find skilled labor here and high class specialists speaking foreign languages fluently.

Polish employees are characterized by high professional skills and openness to innovative solutions.


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