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Infrastructural potential

Technical infrastructure is undoubtedly one of the most important determinants of contemporary socio-economic development. Infrastructure determines the attractiveness of the commune, living and working conditions, affects the spatial distribution of production activities.

Roads passing through the commune:

  • National roads:
    •  83
  • Provincial roads:
    • 471

Roads running near the Kawęczyn Commune:

  • Motorways and expressways:
    • A2 (48 km),
    • S8 (46 km)
  • National roads:
    • 25 ( 33 km),
    • 72 ( 11 km),
    • 12 ( 31 km)

Railway lines:

  • Line E-20 via Konin (48 km),
  • Line 14 via Kalisz  ( 38 km)

The strength of the Kawęczyn Commune

  • The commune continuously develops investment areas which includes spatial delimitation and development plans for various areas. Production areas and areas intended for SMEs are treated as a priority.
  • Good geographic location, picturesque landscape and well-developed infrastructure make the Kawęczyn Commune a place well-suited for active sports, tourism and recreation.
  • On the territory of the municipality of Kawęczyn, road investments are being implemented to improve traffic following the commune.
  • 15kV energy distribution network operate by Polskie Sieci Elektroenergetyczne Sp. z o.o. runs through the commune.
  • The overall length of the sewage system in the commune is 19 km. The local sewage network covers about 25% of the town population.
  • As far as telecommunication networks are concerned, underground cables and overhead lines as well as optical fiber networks are most commonly used. Wireless network is also under dynamic development.
  • Services of the biggest landline network operators in Poland, such as  Orange Polska S.A. and Inea S.A., cover the area of the commune.
  • The following mobile phone providers operate in the commune: Polkomtel S.A. („Plus” network), Polska Telefonia Cyfrowa Sp. z o.o. („T-Mobile” network), Orange Polska S.A. („Orange” network and P4 Sp. z o.o. („Play” network).
  • The nearest airport international airport is located in Łódź, 75km from Kawęczyn, whereas the Poznan Ławica International airport is 160km from Kawęczyn.
  • The Kawęczyn Commune provides complex education at levels – from kindergartens, primary. High schools, vocational schools and even universities are located in Turku.


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