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Economic potential

Stable labour market, access to well-qualified employees together with the status of a strong economic center where successful and innovative projects are developed place the Turek County and the Kawęczyn Commune among the counties and the communes offering best opportunities for development in Poland and in Europe. The large number and variety of incentives and bonuses for companies make current investments in the Kawęczyn Commune worth giving a serious consideration.

Key industries in the Turek County

  • Textile industry,
  • Furniture industry,
  • Coal mining (lignite),
  • Manufacture of products of wood, cork, straw and plaiting materials,
  • Rubber and plastics industry

Distribution of companies in categories with reference to all companies in the County in 2016 [in%]

Category  [ %]
Retail trade, except motor vehicles 16,9
Specialized construction works 15,2
Land transport and transport via pipelines services 7,6
Healthcare 7,2
Wholesale and retail trade in motor vehicles; maintenance of motor vehicles 6,9
Wholesale trade, except motor vehicles 4,7
Construction work related to the construction of buildings 4,5
Other individual service activities 3,9
Manufacture of fabricated metal products, except machines and devices 2,0
Architectural and engineering activities; research and technical analysis 2,0

In the last 5 years, the largest increase in the number of companies was observed in:

  •   Construction (+239 ie by 32.7%)

In the last 5 years, the largest decrease in the number of companies was observed in:

  •   Agriculture, forestry, hunting and gathering (-185, ie by 54.6%)

Information is taken from the data contained on the website of the Regional Social Policy Center in Poznań.


Category  Kawęczyn Commune Turek County
All 324 6256
Agriculture 19 145
Industry 39 657
Building construction 70 1041

Based on the Statistical Local Governor's Vademecum.


The commune authorities actively monitor the local market, wanting to make it easier for investors to decide on the location of investments in Kawęczyna.

Industry and chemical and wood industry

Bearing in mind the Kawęczyna traditions related to the culture of work and taking into account the rich offer of investment areas, the availability of instruments supporting business development and the involvement of local authorities in the process of supporting entrepreneurship, the commune creates perfect conditions for the development of activities in industrial sectors and chemical and wood industries.

Tourism, hospitality

The location of the commune along the national and provincial roads as well as the proximity of the A2 motorway and the S8 expressway, the multiplicity of public transport connections (long-distance buses) and above all the picturesque location make Kawęczyn an appropriate area for business development in the tourism and recreation sector. In the municipality of Kawęczyn, there is a picturesque landscape of the Teleszyny river valley, which is part of the Uniejów Protected Landscape. There are marked out tourist routes in the commune, which can be walked on foot or by bike. Horse tourism is a special attraction of these areas. or other green areas also included in the Natura 2000 program, such as the Lipno Bagno and the Swedrnia Heritage Area Protected Landscape Area, provide an excellent base for organizing trips around them and their surroundings, being also a place worth considering for investments in the hotel and catering industry.

Logistics and transport

The location in the central part of Poland, near the A2 motorway and the S8 expressway and important from the economic point of view, the Konin sub-region, as well as a large number of enterprises (including industry and manufacturing companies), creates an opportunity for business development within the logistics and transport sectors. Not without significance is the well-developed network of local, provincial and national roads, as well as the tourist potential of the commune and the region.

Greater Poland Voivodeship

Currently, the furniture, agri-food and IT sectors are very well developed in Wielkopolska. Increasingly, companies from the Business Process Outsourcing sector decide to invest in Wielkopolska, which is confirmed by the analyzes, the subject of which was the Wielkopolskie voivodship, show that the sectors in which one should see high business opportunities are: automotive, BPO (Business Process Outsourcing - business process outsourcing), ie: accounting, IT or customer service), high-tech and tourism.

More about the possibilities that the Wielkopolska Voivodeship opens up before tourism can be found on the website

In turn, more information about business opportunities and opportunities in Wielkopolska can be found on the internet platform of the regional Investor Assistance Center.


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