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Biggest companies

The location in the center of Central Europe, well-developed infrastructure, good investor support, and active business support institutions – all this makes the Kaweczyn Commune an important place in the economic map of Poland, attracting investors from various sectors, and gives considerable opportunities for development of companies operating in this field. 

The Commune authorities' initiatives are reflected in figures.  There are more than 300 companies registered in the Kawęczyn Commune and about 6000 companies in Turek County.

The data were taken from the data collected on the Local Data Bank portal (BDL)

Polish capital companies

  • TURPLAST BIS - this company specializes in the production of pipes and fittings for internal and external sewerage. Address: Kawęczyn 55 62-704, tel. (+48) 632885010. Company website:
  • Marbad Sp. z o.o. - this company specializes in the field of surface treatment. Address: Siedliska 12, 62-704 Kawęczyn, phone (+48) 632887186. Company website
  • EKO-GAB z o.o. - it operates in the collection and disposal of waste. Address: Kowale Pańskie Kolonia 11a, 62-704 Kawęczyn. tel. (+48) 632887269. Company website
  • PHU PINUS - the company manufacturers of layered wood floors, three-layer boards, and mosaics. Address: Marcjanów 34 62-704 Kawęczyn, tel. (+48) 632788919 Company website:
  • KARCZMA - Restaurant and hotel. Address: Kowale Pańskie 57A 62-704 Kowale Pańskie tel. (+48) 697159686
  • HEAA - Riding club. Address: Żdżary 31 62-704 Kawęczyn e-mail: Website:

Foreign capital companies

Kawęczyn companies produce for export, and their products are known and valued all over the world.

  • Carp Farming Koi - Yoshikigoi Farms is the largest koi breeder in Europe. Address: Hodowla Ryb Chocim - Pałac, 62-704 Kawęczyn Page:


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