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General information

Kaweczyn is a commune in Wielkopolska, within Turek County, which focuses on the intense development.and his ideas for business.

More information about the rich history of the Kawęczyn Commune can be found For Tourists.

The commune strongly identifies itself with Wielkopolska traditions, and its excellent location means that Kawęczyn has been dynamically developing its business for years - both with regard to increased interest in investments from medium and large enterprises, and the activation of small, micro and entrepreneurs operating on a one-person basis business.

The economy of the Turek County, as one of the few in the region, is not only food, but also the mining industry is developed (Brown Coal Mining in Adamów)

In terms of acquiring Investors, the Commune Office in Kawęczyn closely cooperates with the Invest in Wielkopolska and the Polish Information and Trade Agency.

Investors operating in the area of Kawęczyn Commune are covered by comprehensive pro-investment protection.d


The Kawęczyn commune is located in the south-eastern part of Wielkopolska, in the Turek County. It is a local government center for 23 villages. About 5,500 people live on the area of 101.6 km2.

Znaczącym atutem jest dobre połączenie komunikacyjne, albowiem przez teren Gminy przebiega droga krajowa nr 83 na trasie Turek – Sieradz, a także droga wojewódzka nr 471 na trasie Kalisz – Rzymsko – Łódź.

The Turek County covers an area of 929 sq km and is inhabited by over 84 366 people.

The Kawęczyn Commune is divided into 23 village councils consisting of: Będchów, Chocim, Ciemień, Dzierzbotki, Dziewiątka, Głuchów, Kawęczyn, Kowale Pańskie, Kowale Pańskie-Kolonia, Leśnictwo, Marcinów, Marcjanów, Marianów, Marianów-Kolonia, Milejów, Młodzianów , Nowy Świat, Siedliska, Skarżyn, Stanisława, Tokary Pierwsze, Wojciechów, and Żdżary.

The Turek County consists of a total of 9 communes, including: Turek,  Brudzew,  Dobra,  Kawęczyn, Malanów, Przykona, Tuliszków, Turek, Władysławów.


The exceptional geographical location and picturesque landscape are among the most distinguishing characteristics of the Kawęczyn Commune. The commune is located in the heart of Europe, in the central part of Poland, more or less equidistant from the key economic centers of Europe, such as Warsaw, Prague, Bratislava, Berlin and Budapest.
The Commune is part of the Greater Poland Voivodeship. The southern boundaries of the Turek County are at the same time the border of the wielopolskie province.
Kowale Panskie Panaroma

The Kawęczyn Commune is located on the Plateau, attracting the picturesque landscape of forests and reserves, crossed by Teleszyna and Swędrnis. Due to a well-developed accommodation and catering base it is also an excellent starting point for trips around the Lipno Swamp and their surroundings.

More information about the wide range of tourist opportunities offered by the Kawęczyn Commune can be found here.


The Kawęczyn Commune is situated in close distance from capitals of 3 respective Voivodships:

  • Łódź (79 km)
  • Poznan (140 km)
  • Torun/Bydgoszcz (160 km)

The nearest international airport is located in Łódź-Lublinek from Kawęczyn is about 75 km away, and from the Poznan-Ławica airport to Kawęczyn is 160 km away.

 From the Kawęczyn Commune, the A2 motorway is 41 km away. The nearest junction of the S8 expressway in Sieradz is 44 km from the commune.

There are many important communication routes running through the Commune, including  DK83 in Sieradz direction, DW471 from Kalisz. There is a national road DK72 to Łódź is 11 km away, while there is a national road DK25 to Koszalin is 31 km away. The national road DK12 is 31 km away, a road running latitudinally across Poland from the border with Germany in Łęknica to the border with Ukraine in Dorohuskyt-Berdyszcze.

The nearest railway junction is located in Konin is 48 km away, which is part of the Pan-European Transport Corridor West - East E-20. The closer railway junction is Kalisz is 41 km away, which is part of line 14 in the direction of Łódź.


A well-developed road infrastructure is an important factor in the development and day-to-day operation of many businesses. The road infrastructure in the area of the Kawęczyn Commune is under continuous development which shortens the travel times and improves the comfort of the journey. 



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Kaweczyn Commune Office

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