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Ladies and gentlemen,

It is a great pleasure for me to invite you to invest in Kawęczyn.
What have we got for you? First of all, we can offer you high quality investment sites with existing access roads (accessible even for heavy transport) and developed  utilities.  You can also count on a number of tax reliefs and incentives that will make your business in  Kawęczyn thrive. Tax reliefs are offered both on the local, as well as regional level. 
I am fully aware that businesses today seek not only attractive investment sites and tax reliefs but also places where entrepreneurs do not have to waste their time on navigating through complex legal regulations. It is primarily our job to sort out the bureaucracy.

I invite you to invest in the municipality of Kawęczyn.

Yours faithfully
Jan Andrzej Nowak
Mayor of the Kawęczyn Commune



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